"I call them 'Community Cats' because they don't belong to anyone
but they belong to everyone" - Lilian J. Braun

Few people set out to become homeless/feral cat caregivers. Most often they come across homeless cats by accident and follow their instinct to help. The first impulse is to feed the cats. We advocate feeding because food and water are necessary for survival. Not feeding cats and hoping they will “go away” is not realistic. They cannot go away, and they may starve, but they will continue to reproduce.

Cats in the Snow Now that you have become involved with homeless/feral cats, your best course of action is to start feeding and, as soon as possible, begin a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program to trap, vet, and sterilize all the members of the colony.

Getting Homeless/Feral cats to a veterinarian for spaying or neutering and a general evaluation is the single most important thing a caregiver can do for them!