How It All Began

I started feeding a large group of homeless cats back in 1994. It did not take long for me to notice kittens. Like most beginners, I rented a trap and trapped 3 cats. I brought them to a local facility. I discovered that they were being euthanized very quickly. Well, that was not the right answer -- now what?

I went back to feeding. I began to trap again, this time I brought one cat at a time to a vet to be Spayed/Neutered, as I could afford it. There were no discounts. I also began grabbing kittens and pressuring friends and family to adopt them.

In the late 1990ís I met a kind woman named Marilyn B. who spoke to me about the cats. She said that she also worked with Ferals doing TNR. I promptly responded "That is interesting but I am in engineering/construction." She explained that the homeless cats I had been caring for were referred to as Ferals and that the Trapping, Spaying/Neutering and returning them is TNR. Most importantly I discovered that other people were doing this.

Shortly after my introduction to Marilyn B. I started hanging around my local "No Kill" shelter hoping that a local Feral program might be started so that I could do/learn more. Unfortunately no one seemed interested and I became the most informed. Scary!

In 2001 I was introduced to an amazing woman named Stacy. Stacy happened to be the President of an organization/shelter that had a very established "Feral Program" since 1993. From the first phone conversation I had with Stacy a flood gate of information was suddenly opened. I learned about Spay/Neuter clinics, about trapping, better care for colonies, socializing kittens and funding. I do not ever remember being so eager to learn. I was gobbling up information that way Pac Man went after those dots. I also discovered that I was not the only person doing this that was not a "big cat person."

I went back to my local shelter and told them all about my discovery, believing that someone would now start a program. Wrong! Next thing I knew I was standing before a board proposing then running a Feral Cat Program. This was a huge learning experience for a lot of reasons.

Today we are an independent organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless cats and their caretakers. We hope to continue to educate people on how they can help with this heartbreaking, yet invisible, epidemic.

You may be wondering "Why Trust Us?" Good! There is a lot of bad or misleading information out there on this subject. We are still learning too.

Since 01/2002 we have helped over 500 cats, many of them kittens now in loving homes.

Does TNR work? YES! The original group of 15-20 cats I began feeding in 1994, is now 4 healthy cats. There have been no babies born in over 5 years.